Contagion: 9 (humans only) Primary Onset Time: 28 days Secondary Onset Time: 365 days Virulence: 9
An ancient disease with seemingly random symptoms that vary from person to person. On successful health, the victim’s condition does not worsen.

Margin of Failure of 1 to 4 roll on d6 and contract one symptom: 1 Acute hearing, 2 Acute sight, 3 Longevity, 4 Strong Immune System, 5 Accelerated Healing, 6 No Change.

Margin of Failure of 5 to 8 roll on d6 and contract one symptom: 1 Animal Antipathy, 2 Mild Phobia silver, 3 bloodlust, 4 Severe Phobia silver, 5 Sickness Burning Silver, 6 No Change.

Margin of Failure of 9+, or Fumble: Contract Alternate Form of either Werewolf, Wereboar or Wererat. If an alternate form is already received then becomes Progressive Form or Advanced Form.

After the secondary onset time has expired make a third Health test against the illness’ Virulence and contract another symptom depending on MoF. Repeat secondary onset time back to 365 days and retest virulence until Advanced Form is contracted. If Longevity, Strong Immune System or Accelerated healing is contracted a second or more time or if Acute hearing/sight is acquired a third or more time increase Virulence by one. Likewise if any symptom in MoF 5 to 8 except No Changes is contracted again increase Virulence by two.

When Alternate Form becomes Advanced Form the victim becomes a full Werebeast and is unable to receive any further treatment.


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